We specialize in intermediation in the financing of individuals - Stambeno i potrošačko financiranje Vlasnika tvrtki - Poduzetnika
About us

We specialize in intermediation in the financing of individuals

3D Private Finance is a Croatian company for consulting individuals who earn their income in entrepreneurship.

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We specialize in financial consulting and support to business owners and co-owners in personal finances and private property financing.

We were created in response to our clients’ demand and in the domain of business consulting, which takes place through the parent company – 3D business finance.

On the other hand, there was a need for the financial sector – banks – in support and education, both for clients and the sales network of banks – the household sector. The consent relates mainly to the interpretation of the financial results of persons who also perform the function of a classic employee and the owner or co-owner of a business entity following banks’ credit risk policies.

There have also been changes in the evaluation of “repayment potentials” in financing the population in the financial sector, emphasizing entrepreneurially active people.

It is this change, known in banks as “credit risk policy,” that has made it possible to “measure” the repayment potential of a natural person without taking into account only the “monthly salary,” which is often minimal for micro and small entrepreneurs.

In this way, entrepreneurs also can invest as private individuals in real estate and movables in the function of personal needs, such as houses, apartments, villas with swimming pools, and the like. For such a request to be adequately presented to the bank, we assist the client in showing his company’s results so that it is understandable and supported by the bank and in the retail segment.